Oral Origins: The Etymology of Putang Ina and Yawa

Oral Origins: The Etymology of Putang Ina and Yawa

Behind this profanities


Oral Origins: Putang Ina, Pisting Yawa. Written by Tricia Zafra for SubSelfie.com.

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Here is the sequel — 
Oral Origins 2: Gago and Leche

I faintly remember what led to our teacher’s ire that afternoon and why she was scolding the class. All I can clearly recall now were the dusty black shoes I was wearing. They were the first things I saw when I looked down in shame upon hearing my classmate swore in class in the presence of our teacher: “’Tang ina mo!” (Your mother is a whore.) I flinched. This was in high school. It was a stage in my life where I was still practicing these expletives in my mind and to utter them, even when no one was hearing, felt so wrong. It clearly wasn’t directed at our teacher who I remember yelling afterwards: “Nakita mo bang nag-puta ang nanay niya? Paninirang puri ‘yan!” (Have you seen her mother become a whore? That’s…

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